Thursday, September 13, 2012

World Championships 2012

Because we here at LNS are all for friendly(or hostile)wagers, it's time to run down the contenders for the 2012 World Championships in Limburg a punchy fast course that will suit guys who can climb as well as sprint. PLACE YOUR BETS!!!!!

The earing is obviously the source of all his power, PhilGil is the favorite in Europe's version of Vegas which is basically the whole continent. He's on top of the board at 3/1 for obvious reasons would you bet against him?

The Slovakian super man who burst on to the scene this year at the TDF is getting his well earned respect sitting at 7/2, and I for one would not be surprised to see the Saganator wheelie across the line. 

 Because no European betting line is complete without a Spanish under achiever we'll throw Valverde in here at 8/1. Some other riders of note include Tasmanian Matt Goss 11/1, Eddy "Boss" Boasson Hagen sleeping at 12/ 1 and Oscar Freire at 16/1. However coming into form at just the right time as champs always do, at 14/1 don't be shocked if Tommeke Boonen has a "HOLLLDDMAAADICKK" moment and throws those colored bars on his back. Have your bets in by Sept 23rd ladies, and stay tuned for watch party info.


  1. They are riding about 100km on a road course before entering a circuit for 10 laps which features one cat. 2 climb and one cat. 1 climb ...that being said, I going to go with Gilbert or Valverde...the other guys are just too big to win.

  2. Circuit race profile:

  3. You think Phinney doesn't have a shot?

  4. Good's hard to say, but I know he's aiming to do well at the tt given his strava trainings